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A market leader in Australia and New Zealand, SecureCash has elevated the industry standard by offering clientele a cash-in-transit business with an integrated app for tracking and monitoring cash, providing enhanced security and control over their deposits. With real-time updates on the location of their cash and officers' movements, clients can rest assured that their money is being handled safely and efficiently. SecureCash’s unique use of plainclothes officers, unmarked vehicles, and the rejection of weapons adds an extra layer of security, making it harder for officers to be targeted and reducing the risk of violence.

SecureCash offers prospective Franchise Partners the lucrative opportunity to enter the cash-in-transit market through a franchise with multiple proven franchise options, a dedicated head office, and an innovative, purpose-built app. The exclusive digital application helps to streamline operations, reduces administrative time, and increases billable hours, translating into greater profitability and mutual success for both the franchisor and Franchise Partner. With a strong reputation built over 3 decades, partners will benefit from working with an established brand, successful business model, and comprehensive ongoing support. Offering unlimited growth potential, considered business practices, and cutting-edge technology, SecureCash is a rare prospect for those interested in security and looking to purchase a thriving franchise.

Franchisor Profile

Working in the industry since 1992, founder Darren Bacchus has over 30 years of experience in security business ownership and management. From a comprehensive service offering for over a decade, he pivoted the business to focus on cash-in-transit in 2005, launching SecureCash, a business dedicated to the best cash-in-transit service provision in the country. Coming from a military background, Darren was highly trained in security and risk management before entering the market and immediately identified areas for improvement in standard practice. He saw how things could be done differently and adopted an adaptable, innovative approach to banking security, embracing technology and discretion. This optimised methodology spoke to clients, and Bacchus has since built thriving operations across Australia and New Zealand. Now, he’s ready to grow the business further by onboarding dedicated security professionals committed to bringing exceptional, confidential service to clients in their local area.

Franchise Partner Profile

  • A couple or individual with life experience
  • Someone with experience in transport, logistics, or security
  • Industry experience is desirable but not necessary
  • Must be tech-savvy
  • Must be discreet and operate confidentially
  • Must have or be willing to obtain a security licence
  • Must hold a current driver’s licence
  • Someone with exceptional customer service
  • Someone with strong communication skills and an ability to build rapport
  • Someone with demonstrable honesty and integrity
  • Must be vigilant and professionally aware
  • Must consent to background and fingerprint checks
  • Someone with knowledge of Cash Logistics
  • Must have strong numeracy skills
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