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Get ready for an extraordinary franchise opportunity that will propel you to success in a booming industry! Welcome to AML Assist, the trailblazer in anti-money laundering (AML), Combating of Financing of Terrorism (CFT), and Financial Transaction Reporting (FTR) compliance. As a partner, you'll step into a world of boundless potential and high demand. At AML Assist, we provide a comprehensive suite of services, including AML audits, bespoke risk assessments, webinars, consultancy, training, and ongoing support packages. You'll be fully equipped to cater to diverse client needs, backed by our expertise and cutting-edge resources.

But that’s not all! We prioritise your growth by offering unparalleled marketing support. From meticulously crafted marketing plans and strategies to compelling collateral, we ensure your franchise reaches new heights.

AML Assist offers an unmatched market entry opportunity. Be among the pioneers to tap into an entirely new market in Australia, where AML, CFT, and FTR compliance services are yet to reach their full potential. Ride the wave of success while making a positive impact on businesses and society. Join our network of thriving franchisees, benefit from comprehensive training, and become a trusted partner in guiding businesses towards transparency and integrity. Secure your future and step into the lucrative industry of Australian AML compliance today!

Franchisor Profile

Craig Treder had a long, successful career in law and finance before taking the entrepreneurial leap into his own financial services venture. Craig was managing a Law practice when he first realised the enormous gap in the market for AML assistance in the wake of anti-money laundering compliance laws introduced by the New Zealand government six years ago. Demand was through the roof, and AML Assist was launched to support this new market of clients that were suddenly eligible for audits and forced to become compliant. Growing from the ground up, Craig has since become an expert in the anti-money laundering sector and created high-quality, informative webinars and resources that have turned individual one-time consultations into a healthy 200-strong client base across New Zealand and Australia. Understanding firsthand what it takes to enter a fresh market and reap the rewards, he’s ready to show Australian partners how to prepare for the wave of AML opportunities about to hit their shores with the introduction of the same regulations that got him started.

Partner Profile

-Proven skills in the finance or law industry.

-Trustworthiness and dependability.

- Compliance knowledge.

- Adaptable and personable.

- The ability to build and manage client relationships.

- Ability to work independently.

- Articulate and a strong presenter with the ability to sell and convert leads

- Strong communication, leadership and motivational skills.

- Well organised and efficient.

- Pride in the AML Assist brand.

- Working effectively as a part of a group.

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