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At McKenzie Packaging, we work with restaurants, cafes, food and drink distributors, food trucks, cleaning businesses, schools, factories, food production, meal prep businesses, daycares, warehouses, 3PLs, and the public to find packaging solutions that suit every client’s needs. Working with companies big and small, we offer the widest range of packaging options on the market, including eco-friendly, sustainable solutions that speak to the needs of modern consumers. With price matching, a fast turnaround time, personalised customer service, and delivery, buyers from every industry know they can turn to McKenzie Packaging to get the job done. Delivering everything from consumable, vacuum, and industrial packaging to label and shrink wrap print and production and even exclusive cleaning supplies, we’ve become the one-stop shop for packaging and industrial supplies. 

For franchise partners seeking a reliable, lucrative warehouse operation, McKenzie Packaging offers a low-risk, high-reward opportunity where hard work truly pays off. Focus on billable hours and customer satisfaction while we manage the website, CRM, supplier relationships, and ordering, all while supporting you with location scouting, extensive training, marketing, and IT, tech, and sales support. If that’s not enough, you’ll also benefit from an industry reputation spanning decades. Reap the rewards of large national contracts as we leverage strong relationships with prominent players in the market, and you turn your financial goals into realities. With McKenzie Packaging set to rapidly expand across the Sunshine State, there’s never been a better time to embark on this unique franchise journey. 

Franchisor Profile

Launching in 1973, McKenzie Packaging has been the go-to food packaging provider on the Gold Coast For over 50 years. When Wayne Wilson bought the company in 2021, he saw a golden opportunity to diversify the brand’s offering, incorporating innovative services and product lines that took McKenzie Packaging to new heights. In just a few short years, Wayne has more than doubled the size of the warehouse and quadrupled the company’s profits with his bold approach to manufacturing and supply. Capitalising on a seasoned career in packaging and sales, he’s formed strong relationships with over 60 suppliers and transformed a formerly modest food packaging business into an industry-leading all-packaging powerhouse boasting lucrative contracts with national brands and businesses. Now Wayne is scaling up, preparing to launch new McKenzie Packaging locations across Queensland and beyond with the support of franchise partners eager to operate a warehouse of their own and share in McKenzie Packaging’s enduring success. 

Franchise Partner Profile

- Someone mature with experience (30+ yo)
- Packaging or direct sales experience
- Previous Management experience (hospitality ideal)
- Some experience in logistics
- Outgoing and personable
- Well organised, with good time management
- Strong attention to detail
- Persuasive, with the ability to sell 
- Industry contacts or confidence-building relationships
- Must have capital

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