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Grow Lawn Care

Grow Lawn Care offers franchisees interested in horticulture and landscaping the unique opportunity to own and operate their own niche mobile lawn care business.  Grow Lawn Care has exploded in demand since earning a well-deserved reputation for safe and superior lawn care services that nourish the grass as well as the soil. Their products are innovative, and purpose built to ensure they are pet and family-friendly, keeping their clients as happy as their lawns. Grow Lawn Care franchisees can be confident as founder Adam provides intensive training and head office support, while they watch their franchise thrive. Grow Lawn Care franchises offer a service unlike any other, with products unavailable anywhere else. With all marketing, training and administrative support required, franchisees can own and operate their own successful Grow Lawn Care business across large territories in high demand right now.  

Franchisor Profile
Adam started his career in lawn care more than 20 years ago. He always had a passion for landscaping and horticulture which propelled him through TAFE, University and specialised qualifications that saw him grow from a humble landscaper to entrepreneur, owning and operating his own niche lawn care service. Adam took the business to new heights when he developed his own range of products and intensive lawn care program. This next step elevated his offering and earned him a reputation for lawn specialty and care that spread through the community.

With more than 2 decades of experience in the industry under his belt, Adam has seen everything and developed a lawn care program that has changed the game. His twenty years of experience, combined with a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture and passion for expanding his knowledge has seen Adam build a thriving Lawn Care business that provides results competitors are unable to match. Moving from strength to strength, Adam has revolutionised the lawn care industry by developing his own range of unique products that serve instead of scorching the environment. More than just an entrepreneur, Adam is an innovator, setting a new standard in proper lawn care and management.

Franchisee Profile

  • Someone with previous experience in landscaping
  • Must have a passion for the industry
  • Someone approachable with strong customer service skills
  • Must be prepared to manage clients and their expectations
  • Someone with strong communication skills
  • Someone looking for an owner/operator opportunity
  • Ideal for a solo operator or husband and wife team
  • Someone comfortable working in a mobile environment
  • Values aligned with the brand

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